5 Feet Aquarium Tanks

5 feet fish tanks are ideal for living rooms, indoor and outdoor premises, offices, bedroom, reception lobby area. Our 5 ft aquarium tank can be built with TV cabinets, built-in to walls, or as a standalone aquarium cabinet of simplistic beauty.

N30 specialises in custom-made fish tanks cabinets, glass and acrylic. N30 provides aquarium maintenance services to homes and offices. We also offer sales and installation of aquarium accessories.

Pictured below are fish tank cabinets fully custom-made by N30.


Custom 5-feet aquarium with aquascaping

5FT-020 N30 Tank - Custom-made 5 Feet, Full Height, Arowana Tank with Cabinet5FT-019: Custom 5ft N30 Tank (with overflow sump)5FT-018: N30 Tank, custom-made 5ft aquarium (with overflow sump)5FT-017: N30 Tank 5ft with overflow sump5FT-016: N30 Tank 5ft x 2ft x 2ft arowana tank set with overflow sump5FT-015: N30 Tank in glossy Piano Black Finish. 5ft (L) x 2.5ft (W) x 2ft (H) 12mm all Marine Tank Set with overflow 10mm all 52 inch(L) x 23 inch (W) x 16 inch (H) Marine Design sump tank with L-shape cabinet.5FT-014 : N30 Tank 5ft x 3ft x 2.5ft height 15mm base with 12mm sides5FT-013 : N30 Tank 5ft x 2ft x 27" (H). Living Partition Tank.5FT-012 : N30 Tank 5ft x 2ft x 1.5ft (H) Living Room Aquarium5FT-011 : N30 5-feet Braceless Tank Set, 15mm all-glass5FT-010 : N30 Tank. Custom full-height flushed aquarium cabinet 5ft x 2ft x 2.5ft with overflow sump filter system.5ft-009 N30 Tank - Double-Tier 5ft Full Height Cabinet Tank Set with side IOUS Filter5ft-008 N30 Tank - 5ft Arowana Comm Tank Set With Cabinet Tank Set5ft-007 N30 Tank - 5ft Arowana Comm Tank Set With Cabinet Tank Set. Tinted Black Overflow Compartment (Triangle Type).5ft-006 N30 Tank - 60" (L) Arowana Tank Set. Under Water Led Tanning Light x 2no5ft-005 5ft Arowana Tank with Cabinet5ft-004 5ft Luo Han Tank Set With Cabinet Tank Set5ft-0035ft-0025ft-0015ft-125ft-105ft-85ft-95ft-55ft-65ft-165ft-45ft-25ft-35ft-155ft-145ft-75ft-115ft-13

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