Aquarium Scaping Service

Wish to give a new life to your ordinary fish tank? Now you can sit back and let the N30 aquascaping specialists do it for you. N30 is one of the leading aquascaping and aquarium maintenance consultants in Singapore.

Our in-house aquarium scapers are trained in water chemistry, marine and freshwater handling, working with rocks, stones, cave works, drift woods, plantings, proper coral reef maintenance, scaping aquarium base with sand gravel mud, and many more.

You can be assured that our aquascaping ideas will transform your ordinary fish tank into a beautiful aquarium.

Aquascaping service is available for:

  • Home aquarium
  • Office aquarium
  • Restaurant aquarium
  • Indoor aquarium
  • Outdoor aquarium


People would parade around this round pillar tank, mesmerised by the exquisite arrangements of the rocks. N30 aqua scaping team has done a stunning job scaping this round pillar tank which is eye-catching from any direction.N30 aquarium scaping specialists working on the landscape of the aquarium. Every inch of sand, plants and rocks in the aquarium is meticulously arranged and scaped.Aquarium Scaping: Let N30 transform your aquarium into a beautiful sight with landscaping and sandscaping works.Wish to keep an aquarium but do not know how to make it beautiful? No worries. Leave all the aqua scaping work to N30. Our creative aquarium scaping team will make your aquarium beautiful in no time.Vivarium scaping by N30scaping-005 N30 : Cosy and Chill Planted Aquarium Aquascapingscaping-004 - N30 Tank 5ft x 2ft x 42" h Scaping and Tank Setscaping-003 - Tank 15mm all 5ft x 2ft x 20scaping-002 - Tank 15mm all 5ft x 2ft x 20" h overflow sump systemscaping-001 - New 4ft Planted Tank setup done by N30 Tankscaping-9scaping-7scaping-6scaping-5scaping-4scaping-3scaping-2scaping-26scaping-25scaping-24scaping-23scaping-22scaping-21scaping-1scaping-17scaping-16scaping-15scaping-14scaping-13scaping-12scaping-10scaping-8

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