Acrylic Tanks & Bubble Wall Aquariums

Bubble wall aquarium (also known as bubble wall tank or bubble wall panel) is a custom-built acrylic tank. Bubble wall aquariums are sleek, narrow tanks flushed against walls (picture below). N30 manufactures acrylic fish tanks and aquariums of various thickness, shape and size, such as round and curved fish tanks, hexagonal and triangular-shaped aquariums. The choices for shape, size and designs for acrylic tanks are virtually unlimited.

Benefits of N30 Acrylic Tanks

● Virtually unlimited choices of shapes, sizes, thickness for your tanks
● Invisibly-bonded surfaces
● Suitable for indoor and outdoor tanks
● Durable


8ft-0005 Japan Acrylic Tank by N30 Tank - 8ft Tank on Solid Wooden Stand wrapped in 30mm genuine marble slabs. Elegant aquarium installed in office lobby.8ft office aquarium (Japan Acrylic Tank by N30) - Close up of marble-wrapped stand.Dismantled Mega Acrylic Tank (at old office)Mega Acrylic Tank Lifted In (at new office)Mega Acrylic Tank Moved In (at new office)Mega Acrylic Tank Setup Completed (at new office)Acrylic Aquarium: Bubble Wall TankBubble Wall VideoAcrylic Aquarium DesignAcrylic Aquarium ConstructionOutdoor Acrylic Aquarium TankAcrylic tank mounted in an outdoor garden.

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