Aquarium Maintenance Service

For home and office aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium requires time and knowledge. While you can do the basic aquarium maintenance, you may not have the time and equipment to do a thorough maintenance. In this case, you can leave the chores to us.

N30 has a team of qualified aquarium specialists who are trained in aquarium water chemistry, coral reef care, aquatic plant care, salinity balance, water bacteria culture and other specialised knowledge to keep your aquarium in tip-top condition. Our specialist will visit your home or office once a month to perform the following maintenance:

✓ Clean tank walls
✓ Change water
✓ Add water conditioner
✓ Add water bacteria
✓ Analyse water condition
✓ Check pump condition *
✓ Check the general condition of fishes
✓ Washing of filter media when necessary *

* additional charges apply if parts need to be replaced

Our maintenance packages are comprehensive. Our rates are affordable and payable annually.


Marine aquarium maintenance:

Coral reef tank maintenance:

Delightful Aquascaping:

Fresh water (marine-look) - Scaping & Aquarium Maintenance:

Lobby Aquarium Maintenance:

Complete Planted Tank Aquarium - Scaping & Maintenance:

Corporate aquarium maintenance service by N30 Tank (Singapore)Array of lush green plants in aquarium fish tank maintained by N30 SingaporeAquarium Scaping - N30 aquarium maintenance service packageClose-up of fishes frolicking near lush green plant in an aquarium tank maintained by N30 SingaporePlanted Tank Maintenance Service by N30 Tank (Singapore)Aquarium Tank Maintenance Service by N30

Aquarium Sculpturing & Maintenance:

Aquarium Setup & Scaping:

Planted aquarium tank - Aquarium Maintenance:

Planted aquarium tank - Scaping & Maintenance:

Company aquarium tanks - Scaping & Maintenance:

Acrylic fresh water tank (marine-look) - Aquarium Scaping:

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