Pond Repairs & Maintenance Service

N30 Singapore provides a complete range of pond repairs, pond maintenance service and pond scaping works.

Our pond specialists are trained in pond operations, to troubleshoot and fix leakages and drainage issues, and waterproofing works. Improper repairs carried out by inexperienced contractors or contractors who are not familiar with pond operations may lead to the problem recurring or cause other issues warranting further repairs.

As a pond repair specialist, N30 Singapore assures customers that repair works on their ponds will be carried out conclusively.

Pond Repair Works

These are some of the common pond repair and maintenance works we provide:
✓ Pond Waterproofings
✓ Pond Painting and Re-painting
✓ Pond Flooring - cleaning and repair cracks
✓ Pond Walls - remove stains and repair leakages
✓ Pond Skirting and Kerb repairs
✓ Clearing Pond Drainage
✓ Repair Pond Pipeworks
✓ Check and Maintain Pond Pumps and Accessories
✓ Check and Repair Pond Features such as waterfalls, landscapes, etc.

Large outdoor garden pond repaired by N30 SingaporePond sump repairPond repair completedChecks on all the waterproofingsCarefully checked the pond drainagesPainting and waterproofing pond wallsPainting and waterproofing pond skirtingsClean and repair pond drainage compartmentsN30 pond repair works in progress

Types of Ponds

N30 Singapore provides repairs and maintenance for all types of ponds such as:

  • Indoor koi ponds
  • Outdoor garden ponds
  • Residential ponds - condominiums and landed properties
  • Commercial ponds - offices and farms
  • Concrete and fibreglass ponds

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