Fiberglass Aquarium Fish Tank

N30 Tank customises fiberglass aquarium fish tank of different shape, size and colour. Fiberglass is a special plastic reinforced with glass fibers. Fiberglass is strong, suitable for fish tank construction.

Limitless Designs

With fiberglass, fish tank designs can be versatile and virtually limitless in shape, size and colours. Imagine having a fiberglass aquarium with realistic, natural-looking rock scaping as part of the aquarium surface!

N30 Tank has the expertise to customise aquarium, aquaculture tanks, indoor and outdoor ponds (koi and planted), tubs, water features and landscaping structures using fiberglass.

Benefits of Fiberglass Tanks

  • Strong and durable
  • Shape, colour and size can be customised
  • Can be translucent or opaque
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor aquarium design
  • Can make realistic landscaped aquarium

High-quality Fiberglass Aquarium Tank custom-made in Singapore by N30 Tank.Round fiberglass tank custom-made in Singapore by N30 Tank.A large round fiberglass tank designed by N30 Tank.N30 Tank: Fiberglass aquarium tankN30 Tank: Fiberglass aquarium design and manufacturing.N30 Tank: Fiberglass aquarium encased in wood all sides.N30 Tank - White fiberglass tank for planted aquarium.N30 Tank - Blue fiberglass tank for koi pond.

To custom-make your own beautiful fiberglass aquarium in different shape and colours, contact N30 Tank today.


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