Unique Aquariums

If you have a specific fish tank design in mind regardless of materials or style,  feel free to talk to our in-house aquarium designers. Many of our projects include ADA style aquarium built using special glass bonding techniques, resulting in sleek beautiful styles. Combining our experience in manufacturing fish tanks and expertise in glass and cabinet fabrication, we can custom-make fish tanks of various shapes and sizes, as well as install aquarium in walls, partitions, wardrobes, cabinets, counters and tables. You say it, we design and build it.

N30 specialises in custom-made fish tanks cabinets, glass and acrylic. N30 provides aquarium maintenance services to homes and offices. We also offer sales and installation of aquarium accessories.

Pictured below are fish tank cabinets fully custom-made by N30.


Unique-012: N30 Tank on open ventilated stand. 7ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft. External sumps located directly below tank. Easy to clean and maintain the sumps since there is no cabinet doors.Unique-011: N30 Mini table top tankUnique-010: N30 Tank New Concept! 4ft Tank with Japan Stainless Steel Frame Powder Coated.Unique-009: N30 Tank 600mm x 600mm x 200mm (H) 10mm braceless tank (filled)Unique-008: N30 Tank 600mm x 600mm x 200mm (H) 10mm braceless tankunique-007: N30 9ft x 3ft x 3ft 19mm all round Arowana comm tank with sump cabinet set. Onsite Buildup.unique-006 N30 Tank - 19mm all 102.5" x 35" x 35" Arowana comm tank with 7ft sumpunique-005 N30 Tank - Low Profile Aquarium, 12mm all 6ft x 3ft x 2ft h with low profile heavy duty mild steel stand.crystal-glass-tankunique-0004 N30 Tank - 2 Tier Heavy Duty Mild Steel Stand with Galvanised Material. Both tanks running on N30 Glass OHF Tray.unique-0003 N30 Tank - 14ft (L) Tank Sets 3 Tier. Blue Oyama - 4 sides for all Tanksunique-0002unique-0001unique-1unique-10unique-11unique-12unique-13unique-14unique-15unique-16unique-18unique-19unique-2unique-21unique-22unique-23unique-25unique-28unique-3unique-4unique-5unique-6unique-7unique-8unique-9unique-17unique-20unique-26unique-24

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