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Reviews shared by customers:

Kevin, 10 Jan 2024:

Review: Thanks bro! For a tank of this size, I will only trust N30 to build it for me.

Customer engaged N30 Tank to build a large tank

Victor S, 17 July 2023:

Review: Top of the range fish tank. Service by N30 Tank is fantastic.

Feedback: Thank you boss for the nice tank. William and team are very professional and willing to share their knowledge on how the sump tank works and also transferring of my livestock, media and tank water over to the new tank so that my arowana got settled down quickly.

Google reviews - N30 Tank Aquario Tank product
customer feedback N30 aquario tank purchase

Louis G, 12 June 2023:

Got this beautiful terrarium set from N30 @ Aquatic & Garden Asia Show last week. Perfect to deco my office, easy maintain & good quality. Excellent service by the team!

Google reviews - N30 Tank

Eve Eve, 27 March 2023:

N30 tanks was recommended to me through my uncle. Mr Neo is very patient, responsive and friendly. He came to our place, measured every single corner so the tanks would fit well. With his experience, he gave good advise and explained all in details. Price is reasonable and my family are very satisfied when the tank was delivered. Outstanding tank & service! Highly recommended!

Google reviews - N30 Tank recommended

andy p., 15 March 2023:

The N30 team moved 3 aquariums between apartments for me. This was done very professionally with no impact on the tanks, decorations or fish/ shrimp at all.

Customer review N30 Tank aquarium moving service 5 stars positive review on Google.

Shahrin S., 14 March 2023:

Thank you so much N30 for my fluval flex 57L replacement lights. To the person i chat through WhatsApp, thanks for time and effort explaining what i really need for my tank replacement light. Smooth transaction. Good job. Would definitely purchase again.

Customer bought Fluval flex 57L replacement lights from N30 Tank and gave a 5 stars positive review on Google.

Achak M., 7 March 2023:

Staff was very helpful in helping to troubleshoot the problem with my canister filter, furthermore, he explained the dos and don'ts on the system. Wide range of products to choose from and at reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

N30 Tank helped a customer to troubleshoot aquarium canister filter and received a 5 stars positive review.

Nora M., 8 Dec 2022:

Great product! Has helped my Oranda with constipation issue. A staple for fish keeping hobbyist. N30 PREMIUM EPSOM SALT 400G (N0055)

N30 Tank premium epsom salt review

Nora M., 8 Dec 2022:

Great product. Helps with keeping fish tank crystal clear! N30 PREMIUM NANO WOOL FILTER MEDIA 195MM X 435MM (5-PCS PACK) (N0002)

N30 Tank nano wool filter media review

Mr Pang, 5 May 2022:

Thanks Bro. Nice tank, thank you Bro. When I set up the fish tank, if any problem can I find you bro?

N30 Tank: Sure no problem just update me.

customer reviews N30 Tank aquarium

Mr YS, 5 Mar 2022:

Outstanding payment transferred, thank you. Thanks for your help, the tank looks good. Will come to you for my next project in the future.

customer is happy with his aquarium and will order from N30 Tank again in the future

Mr Wee Hock John, 5 Jan 2022:

Hi. I received the aquarium tank already. The tank was in good condition and the quality is very good. I am happy. Thank You ya.

customer review good quality fish tank custom made by N30 Tank

Mr Ng, 16 Dec 2021:

Hi. Thanks I received my fish tank. Very nice. Very high quality. Thanks.

customer reviews fish tank made by N30 Tank

Mr Floyd Koh, 21 Sep 2021:

Thanks bro very nice tank good quality.

customer reviews N30 Tank

Mr Zak Raffik, 26 July 2021:

Thank you so much. I'm very happy to have your company make my dream tank. God bless. The glass quality is 1st class. And I'm sure to promote your company. All the drilled holes are perfect.

N30 Tank customer review - very happy, high quality glass and workmanship.

Mr Lawrence Ong, 1 May 2021:

Thanks bro. Your fish tank really nice. And very standard. 很有水准. 棒.

Customer feedbacks that N30 tank set is nice and of high standard.

Timothy Wong, 31 Jan 2021 (Google review):

I chose N30 to make me a customised tank almost one year ago, before COVID-19. Even during the whole pandemic, Weeyang from N30 remained helpful and provided updates on the tank progress as I was also concurrently doing a home renovation.

As you can imagine, it was stressful and chaotic but things were made easier for me because N30 was professional and responsible. I was so happy that my tank was made beautifully and delivered on time when the CB measures eased.

Then, a few months ago, I decided to transform my large tank into a planted tank, I asked for quotation from many established places but N30 was the fastest to get back to me. So, I trusted them once more and true to their word, they delivered a beautiful IAPLC-esque tank. I've also bought many online products from them, from Lazada or on their online store, and honestly when you compare the different online products in Singapore, N30 is considered quite competitive.

I'm not a employee or an influencer. Just a hobbyist who hopes to get value from my purchases. N30 have always done me right. As long as you are a sincere buyer like me, N30 can do you no wrong. I just wished I knew them when I started out my hobby, could have saved so much more money!

Boon Kok, 24 May 2020:

Great after sales support. Got a Syncra SDC 9 Pump order online and received it next day replacing the Fluval SP6. While DIY fixing the pump. Consulted Mr Neo as the installation of pump noise. He gave his valuable technical knowledge on how to reduce the pump noise.

Facebook review, N30 Tank fish tank accessories

Koh N, 16 May 2020:

The Kois love the food. It's high quality. I am buying again.

JPD Sekirin Spirulina Koi and Goldfish Food (Floating Pellet)

JPD Sekirin Spirulina Koi and Goldfish Food, Floating Pellet (1Kg)

Mr Chionh, 24 Mar 2020:

Hi bro. Thanks for your help in moving the tank. Your guys are professional. I've made the giro payment for the remaining. Thanks again bro. Beautifully done.

Customer feedbacks that N30 Tank did a beautiful job moving and relocating his fish tank.

Bernard Lim, 17 Jan 2020:

Now cycling the tank. Overall quality and build of the tank very very good.

Customer feedbacks N30 tank overall quality and build is very good.

Mr Ong, 16 Jan 2020:

I like your company workmanship. Keep it up.

Customer likes the workmanship of N30 tank.

Blueray Pte Ltd, 14 Jan 2020:

Dear Wee Yang, Received with thanks. The Tank is nice. Thanks for the good work.

Dex, 31 Dec 2019:

Haha. Professionals bro. Very nice.

Tank with overflow to sump custom made by N30.

Ong J J, 19 Dec 2019:

I really like the tank. Thank you very much. I will strongly recommend my friends to you.

N30 replies: No problem. Thanks for trusting. I also like mann the marble feel swee (beautiful).

N30 aquarium with marble-look wooden cabinet

Eric, 7 Dec 2019:

Afternoon Weeyang, thanks for a beautiful tank done up. Just to confirm the media you put all in nettings are all washed and I can just top up water in 12hrs time?

N30 replies: Mr Aqua ah ya can. We washed 2 times le (already). But sure got a bit of powder media.

Fish tank with cabinet and sump fully custom made by N30 Tank

Yuan Zheng, 15 Nov 2019:

Just to share. The tank you made for me is solid.

Aquarium - custom made by N30 for Singapore customer

Angmokio Koh, 1 Aug 2019:

Well done. Amazing job done and new design of the piping that make the water flows well to the sump - of course with all the waste.

N30 remarks: Discus Tank custom made by N30. Custom design tank with overflow to sump. Total length 9ft.

Discus Tank set done by N30. Custom design tank set with overflow to sump. Total length 9ft.

Matthew, 25 Jul 2019:

So many years liao you guys still the best.. Your delivery guys still recognise me... Hahaha you guys rock.. Very good.. No regret in getting tanks from you guys.

Customer review - Discus Tank custom made by N30

Don, June 2019:

Awesome. Tank is amazing bro. Great job. All my future tanks will be from you already.

Adric, June 2019:

Tried using your anti cholorine. Looks good. Wonderful brand. Amazing quality.

N30 anti-chlorine reviews

Kelvin Liang, Apr 2019:

Okay Thanks Bro. Fitting just nice. Good workmanship.

Testimonials from N30 customers

Koh Kheng Wah, Apr 2019:

Thank you for the very nice tank, Mr Neo. My family says it is very well-made.

Kelvin Liang, Apr 2019:

Bro I received the tank today, very nicely done.

Alan Ng, Apr 2019:

Such nice tanks. Solid as I've ever seen.

JN, Jan 2019 :

I am an aquarium enthusiast and a few months ago I have bought some aquarium equipment from you which are very useful and I am very satisfied with the products! Many thanks for it and the service rendered!

Roy Peh, Jan 2019 :

Thanks Neo, exceed my expectation, very nice!

Chandran, Jan 2019 :

Received tank. Very awesome bro! Got class. Thank you.

William Wong, Dec 2018 :

Thanks for the awesome tank!

David Lim, Nov 2018 :

Thanks, Wee Yang for the beautiful N30 tank.

Thomas Tong, Nov 2018 :

The fish tank is very nicely made. Workmanship is great too. Love it so much. Thank you. Five thumbs up. ★★★★★

Customer reviews N30 custom made aquarium

杨翼凤, July 2018 :

Very good service and price are reasonable. Workmanship very good.

林净德, 24 Mar 2018 :

Have my first fish tank made by N30 and it has been 6 years and still like new! Its quality is super and long lasting! Looking forward for another tank soon!

Evaz Pham, 9 Nov 2017 :

Very nice. Thanks. Good work.

Vincent Tan, 15 Sep 2017 :

Custom built a marine tank with cabinet according to my needs and design. Great workmanship and practical advice. Thumbs up!

Charles Lim, 24 Mar 2016 :

Have my 1st fish tank made by N30 and it been 6 years and it still like new! It quality it super and long lasting! Looking forward for another tank soon! Oh it 3r tank coming! All the N30!

Kelvin Tan, 29 Jun 2016 :

By far the best tank maker in asia. From the cabinet to the tank all details are carefully specified. Would definitely recommend to all my friends.

Lawrence Leong, 28 Nov 2015 :

Build my tank Arowana tank in 2008 and build my ranchu tank in 2013. Very reliable tank maker!

Boon Peow Tang, 12 Apr 2016 :

Very friendly guy and willing to help. Will be going down there for my new tank.

Joel Chia, 4 May 2014 :

Best workmanship and super good services. Most recommended tank maker to use!

Christian Kleindienst, 17 Sep 2015 :

Thanks again for the really good job and the high quality finish. I didn’t expect such a good job. Have never seen such a good workmanship here in Singapore. It’s really an outstanding service quality that you provide. I will definitely recommend your company to others and come back to you if I need something again.

Mike M., 13 Sep 2013 :

I came across your website and was blown away by the craftsmanship and quality of your aquariums... I'm very interested in your 3 tier rack systems 48". Would love to hear back from you and hopefully place and order.

Martin Cooper, 3 May 2012 :

Thank you for the well done job of cleaning the tank…

leowboy, 13 Mar 2012 :

The tank is so good. Very well done.

leezhengxi, 10 Mar 2012 :

Boss, thanks for the beautiful tank…

Colin, 12 Jan 2012 :

I have received the tank (…delivered to my place). The tank is better than I had expected. Thank you. Will engage N30 in the future when I need to set up more fish tanks.

Martin Cooper, 13 Dec 2011 :

Your employee did a great job cleaning our tank…(would like him to) come again this Friday, clean tank and set up our fish feeder machine for use when we are away…

Ernest Yeung, Hong Kong, 20 Jul 2011 :

This is my first time buying from N30 and I am completely satisfied with the service and product provided by N30. I am in Hong Kong… can’t find the new Syncra type of SICCE pump in Hong Kong. So, I checked ebay but all with unsuitable voltage. So, I searched the web and found companies in Singapore selling this pump. I ordered 2 pumps from 2 different Singapore companies (N30 being one of them). N30 only takes ONE DAY to send me the pump…after I made the payment online. It was really really incredibly fast service! I will surely return and buy again… fish tank accessories from N30 whenever I need new Aquarium products. Thanks to N30. Thanks to Wee Yang.

Capt. Vijay, Singapore, 1 Apr 2011 :

Thanks for the support and great job your boys did so far. I must compliment you in the professionalism in the way your team installed the tank. Below are the pictures. I have also completed filling of the water and now running the system, there is no leak and all the materials used to make my tank is of the best quality. Thank you, I am really very happy. Will trust you guys to do a good job in the maintenance of my fish tank!

David Chen J.S., 6 Mar 2011 :

N30 has really shown their efficiency in their work. They really provide good customer service and patience in serving their customers. They did their best by providing the fastest services even when they are lack of manpower. I am truly impressed by their spirit of excellence in their work, even though it was very rush for them, with less than 1 month due date to deliver the fish tank to me… I am truly impressed and it is worth it to work with them in the near future. Thanks.

Alan Tan, Park Green :

Thank you very much for helping with the design of our aquarium cabinet. The workmanship is excellent. Also thanks for the valuable tips you gave on maintaining the tank. It has brought a lot of joy to my family. My kids love it especially. I will not hesitate to recommend my fish ka-kis to N30 if they ask who built my tank. Keep up the good work!

Ong88, Dr Ong :

I am very glad I have gotten my 6′(cabinet/sump) tank & the 6.5′ tank from N30 Trading & Enterprises (N30 Tank). My deciding to buy from you was because you make your tanks locally : I want to support SG economy. I have no regrets on my choice as the workmanship & product quality are excellent. Your after-sales service is great. You are also a thinking tank maker with innovative ideas/designs. Your personal ethics & consideration for customer cost benefit is also admirable when you advice me on option choices eg trying to save my costs in using normal glass versus crystal glass. Thank you for your good work!

Sonny Zin :

I have got two 4′ tanks from N30, and I can’t be happier. Great workmanship. High quality product. Helpful and friendly service. Highly recommend N30 for your dream aquarium tanks.

Nicholas Tang :

Kudos to N30 for helping me realise my dream of having a such a nice tank! Tanks from N30 is definitely worth the buy if compared to outside fish shops or tank makers. The boss, Weeyang, will give you the necessary advice and help you in any way to customize your tank. The tank’s workmanship is good and you can see how meticulous they are when they are installing the tank for you. Overall, i would say i am delighted with N30’s work and service. If i were to upgrade my tank in future, i will definitely get it from N30 again!

Steve Rhee, Irvine, California – USA :

N30 Trading & Enterprises, offers the very best in industry experience, quality craftsmanship, innovative engineering, and first class in customer service. I first started to work with Neo in Jan 2008 in designing an ultimate reef tank. Not only was Neo able to understand my design requirements, he was able to offer very practical recommendations/solutions through his many years of experience in building and setting up various aquarium designs. Since moving back to California, USA – I still reach out to Neo and collaborate on best practices and advice. With a doubt, N30 represents – Best Quality, Understanding of Customer’s Requirements, and Care of All Aquatic Life!!!!!

Philip Kwok, Singapore :

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Weeyang for the exceptional service. I received my N30 (6ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft) tank on Tuesday and am still in awe of its fine workmanship and craftsmanship. Apart from the beautiful physical outlook, the customised filtration system is another work of art. Easy to manage and easy to use, equally beautiful to admire. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

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