Metal Stand Aquarium Tanks

At N30 Singapore, we specialise in custom-made aquarium tanks and metal stands. Customers may choose different metals: steel, wrought iron, galvanised, powder-coated surface etc. Multi-tier and various sizes are possible. Our most popular configurations are the 2-tier and 3-tier metal stands.

Fish tanks on metal stands are durable, sturdy, thus suitable for outdoor and indoor locations. However, not all metal stands are built the same.

Metal stands must be professionally constructed for safety purposes. This is because metals have a certain degree of flex, and if they are not professionally manufactured, flexing may cause the aquarium glass to crack and leak, posing safety issues.

For full assurance, N30 Singapore provides a 5-year non-leak warranty for all fish tanks custom-made in our factory. N30 will then deliver and setup your tank on its metal stand at your designated premise. This will ensure that your tank is sturdy.

Please contact N30 Singapore to custom-make your metal stand aquarium today!

MT-839: Aquarium and metal steel stand. Custom made by N30 Tank.MT-838: Aquarium and 3-tier mild steel stand custom made by N30 Tank.MT-837: Aquarium with Stainless Steel Cabinet. Overflow to sump compartment (inside the cabinet). Fully customised by N30 Tank.MT-836: N30 Tank 2 tier 3ft with overhead sump filter system on 2 tier mild steel stand.MT-835: N30 Tank (Stainless steel stand)MT-834: Cabinet with magnetic door. Aquarium stainless steel stand.MT-833: Cabinet with magnetic door. Aquarium stainless steel stand.MT-832: 10ft stand for aquarium and sump. Customised by N30 Tank.MT-831: 10ft stand for aquarium and sump. Customised by N30 Tank.MT-830: Stainless steel stand with tank. Customised according to wall dimensions. A project by N30 Tank.MT-829: N30 Tank Tank Size: L1750mm x W550mm x H750mm with metal standMT-828: 3-Tier Stand Set (custom made by N30 Tank)MT-827: 2-Tier Aquarium and Stand (custom made by N30 Tank)MT-826: Multi-Tier Aquarium Tanks supported on Stainless Steel Stand (Custom made by N30 Tank) MT-825: Aquarium Tank with Stainless Steel Stand (Custom made by N30 Tank)MT-824: Customised 2-tier Aquarium on Metal Stand (N30 Tank)MT-823: Custom 2-Tier Aquarium with Metal Stand (N30 Tank)MT-822: Customised Metal Stand for Aquarium (N30 Tank)MT-821: N30 Tank Aluminium Stand - 460mm (L) x 460mm (W) x 800mm (H) - Silver Color - with groove capping - End cap - top and bottom 6mm PVC sheet - 2 tierMT-820: Floor aquarium. Fish tank on low-profile steel stand. Custom-made by N30 Tank.MT-819: N30 Tank Custom 3ft steel and white 2-level tank. Lower overhead filter compartment. Side filter with mild steel stand.MT-818: N30 5 feet Tank 60" (L) x 24" (W) x 24" (H) - White brace aquarium with side ious filter on mild steel stand.MT-817: N30 Tank 60 inch (L) x 30 inch (W) x 24 inch (H) with heavy-duty mild steel stand and solid-plywood varnished bottom base for storage.MT-816: N30 Tank 60 inch (L) x 24 inch (W) x 24 inch (H) 12mm all Japan grade 1 glass with heavy-duty mild steel stand. N30 glass overhead Filter Tray, pipe set and Marine Pure Media set with Eheim pump.MT-815: N30 Tank 42 inch (L) x 24 inch (W) x 24 inch (H) overflow sump set (Freshwater set up). This tank is eventually wrapped into a full height aquarium set. Glass thickness 10mm all round.MT-814: N30 Tank 6ft 2-tier Arowana comm tank.MTL-813: N30 Tank 5ft x 2ft x 27" (H) tank set with heavy duty mild steel stand heavy duty type with N30 glass tray set and filter media with Eheim pump.MTL 812: N30 Tank 6ft(L) x 3ft(W) x 15inch(H). This is a 3-tier Ray tank mounted on stainless steel rack made from top-grade Japan 316 material.MTL-811: N30 Tank - This is a multi-tier Discus Tank with custom-fitted metal stand.MTL-810: N30 Tank 46 6/8" (L) x 32" (W) x 30" (H) fresh water aquarium set with N30 glass base OHF filtration. 15mm base with 12mm sides. This aquarium is mounted against a glass wall above the stairway, and greets visitor walking up the stairs.MTL-809: N30 Tank 4ft x 18" x 18" with Heavy-Duty Mild Steel StandMTL-808: N30 Tank 4ft x 2ft x 2ft with low profile stand. N30 Glass base ohf tray set.MTL-807: N30 Tank with standMTL-806: N30 Tank 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft bare tank with heavy-duty mild steel stand (Galvanised)MTL-805: N30 Tank Top 69"(L) x 27"(W) x 27"(H). Bottom 69"(L) x 27"(W) x 24"(H) on 2 tier heavy duty mild steel stand 6 legs support.MTL-804: N30 Tank 2 Tier Heavy Duty Galvanised Mild Steel Stand. 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft with side ious filter. Bottom Tank 5ft x 1.5ft x1ft (H) with side ious filter.MTL-803: N30 Tank Top Tier 6ft x 2.5ft x2ft 12mm all. Bottom Tier 5ft x 2.5ft x 2ft. Both with N30 custom glass base with ohf and custom rain pipe.MTL-802: N30 Tank 4ft x 18″ x18″ bare tank with 1.5″sq bar 3 tier mild steel stand galvanised.MTL-801: N30 4ft x 18″ x 18″ tank with 3 tier heavy duty mild steel stand.

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