Seafood Tank Maintenance Service

For Restaurants and Seafood Establishments

Fresh and hygienic seafood is critical to the success of restaurants. Unfortunately, busy restaurants may not have sufficient manpower or expertise to properly maintain their seafood storage facilities. Hence, N30 Singapore provides professional seafood tank maintenance service to alleviate restaurants of the chores of cleaning their seafood storage tanks. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the seafood.

Our seafood tank maintenance team will come down to your restaurant and perform on-site cleaning, flushing, change water, and maintain the proper water chemistry of your seafood tanks.

Our team is capable of handling all types of live sea foods sold by restaurants. Other than fish tanks, we can also maintain the tanks for storing lobsters, crabs, clams, frogs, live fishes etc.

Our specialist will visit your restaurant at specific intervals to perform the following maintenance:

✓ Clean tank walls
✓ Change water
✓ Add water conditioner
✓ Add water bacteria
✓ Analyse water condition
✓ Check pump condition *
✓ Check the general condition of the live seafood
✓ Washing of filter media when necessary *
✓ Check Parameters
✓ Check and Service of Chiller Unit

* additional charges apply if parts need to be replaced

Our maintenance packages are comprehensive. Our rates are affordable and payable annually.


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