6 Feet Aquarium Tanks

6 feet fish tanks are popular for living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Utilising ADA-style designs, a 6-foot long tank is ideal for creating an exotic aqua-marine display. 6 ft tank are perfect for either freshwater or marine aquarium. Underneath the tank cabinets are spacious room for accessories storage.

N30 specialises in custom-made fish tanks cabinets, glass and acrylic. N30 provides aquarium maintenance services to homes and offices. We also offer sales and installation of aquarium accessories.

Pictured below are fish tank cabinets fully custom-made by N30.


6FT-019: Simply beautiful braceless N30 Tank 1800mm (L) x 550mm (W) x 550mm (H) 12mm all. The overflow sump compartment is neatly contained in the lower cabinet.6FT-018: N30 Tank 15mm all 6ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft arowana comm tank set with piano white cabinet.6FT-017: N30 Tank Custom 69 inch (L) x 24 inch (W) x 27 inch (H) 12mm all Japan Grade 1 glass with built-in side ious filter and media set.6FT-016 : N30 Tank 6-feet Partition Tank Cabinet Set, 6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft (H)6FT-015: N30 Tank 6-feet Cabinet Sump Set, 69" x 27" x 24" (H) 6ft-0014 N30 Tank 6-feet Floor Tank. This aquarium tank doubles as a table top and TV console. Plenty of space for hi-fi, gadgets, router, photo frame. Kids will enjoy the unobstructed view of fishes while adults will find the floor tank practical.6ft-0015 N30 Tank 6-feet Floor Tank. This aquarium tank doubles as a table top. Ideal in living hall. Plenty of table space for charging phones, gadgets, router, electronics. Unobstructed view of fishes yet practical and space-saving.6ft-0013 N30 Tank 15mm base with 12mm sides, 6ft x 2.5ft x 3ft h. With overflow 5ft sump tank.6ft-0012 N30 Tank 6ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft with custom spray paint white cabinet sump setup6ft-0011 N30 Tank - Solid Wooden Cabinet With Dark Walnut Varnish and Lacquer Finishes (New Design)6ft-0010 N30 Tank - 6ft Arowana Comm Tank Set with Tinted Black Triangle U/O Flow.6ft-0009 N30 Tank - 6ft Planted Tank in Piano-White Lamination. Cabinet With solid-wood support. Aquarium maintenance is easy with open-top hood.6ft-0008 N30 Tank - 6ft Arowana Comm Tank Set With Wooden Stand Tank Set6ft-0007 N30 Tank - 6ft Arowana Comm Tank Set With Cabinet Tank Set6ft-0006 6ft Arowana Comm Tank Set With Cabinet Tank Set6ft-0004 6ft Arowana Comm Tank Set (Monster Comm Tank)6ft-0003 N30 Tank - Custom-made tank and cabinet in walnut-wood colour.6ft-0002 N30 Tank - Custom-made aquarium cabinet. White overall finish. Elegant style.6ft-0001 6ft Arowana Comm Tank Set With Cabinet Tank Set on metal steel stands.6ft-11 - 6 feet Custom-Made Aquarium Cabinet. Contemporary Black/White style. Designed and installed by N30 Singapore.6ft-8 N30 Tank - Classic 6-feet fish tank cabinet in living hall.6ft-5 N30 Custom Made Tank - A full-height 6-feet aquarium neatly installed in living hall corner. Cabinet in wood-grain finish.6ft-7 N30 Tank - Full-height 6-feet aquarium custom-made by N30. Cabinet has a mirror reflective surface. Aquarium designed to complement the flavour of the surrounding.6ft-12 - Classic custom made aquarium cabinet by N30 Singapore6ft-14 Classic custom made aquarium cabinet by N30 Singapore6ft-9 - Custom-made by N30 Singapore. Aquarium is encased in a Black Top and Bottom Red cabinet. Best of black/red combination. An extended cabinet serves as desktop space for keys, phones etc.6ft-10 N30 Tank - 6 feet Classic All-White Cabinet Tank Set6ft-1 Classic custom aquarium cabinet designed and made by N30 Singapore6ft-2 N30 Tank set. 6-feet Aquarium in full white cabinet. Elegant companion in the living hall. Aquarium installed next to stair ways.6ft-3 N30 Tank (close up of white cabinet aquarium set)6ft-4 N30 Tank - Unique custom-shaped, 6-foot aquarium cabinet.6ft-6 N30 Tank - Classic aquarium set neatly and snugly fitted in corner of living room, next to owner's sofa. The fish tank is a homely enjoyment.6ft-13 N30 Tank - A balcony aquarium built by N30. Classic wood cabinet design.6ft-15 N30 Tank - Classic white aquarium of contemporary design and built by N30 for modern living.

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