N30 Premium Bio Rod Terrazo 6pcs - Clover (N0034)


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N30 Premium Bio Rod Terrazo 6pcs - Clover (N0034) Filter Media

N30 Premium Bio Rod Terrazo is a bio-filtration media that comprises of a mix of minerals that provide the optimal conditions for nitrifying bacteria colonisation. Its highly penetrative porous structure also helps maintain pristine water quality in your aquarium.

- Width: 3.5cm
- Internal diameter: approx. 2cm
- Height: 3.5cm
- Length: 15cm
- Cross-sectional width: 4.5cm

- Highly Porous and Absorbent Structure
- Ideal for most filtration systems
-Freshwater, Pond and Marine suitable
- pH neutral

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About N30 Tank

N30 Tank Pte. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of custom-made fish tanks cabinets. As a tank maker, we supply aquarium cabinets to homes and offices locally as well as ship orders worldwide.

N30 provides expertise in the construction of large acrylic aquariums, such as those in Underwater World (Resort World Sentosa). We supply customised storage tanks to fish farms such as Qian Hu, and to major restaurants. The N30 brand name is trusted for quality workmanship in the industry.

N30 has developed unique glass-sealing techniques, which allows us to produce very large tanks (such as 30-feet long) without issue of water leakage. For all custom-made fish tanks, N30 assures customers of Five Years Warranty against water leakage.

To support the needs of aquarium hobbyists, N30 is also offering a wide range of aquarium accessories such as filters, pumps, lighting, wave makers, skimmers... for sale online. We encourage customers to browse and shop online at n30.com.sg for accessories. It is convenient and we provide free delivery for orders (see the online store terms and conditions for details).

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