EcoTech Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump

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Precision pump for dosing, auto top-off, water changes and feeding applications.

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EcoTech Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump

EcoTech Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump is truly an intelligent, multi-purpose precision pump for dosing, auto top-off, water changes and feeding applications.

Its dosing throughput is precise to an accuracy of 2% or less and is capable of driving several hundred ml a minute. EcoTech Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump is the dosing pump that serious aquarist can rely on.

Key Features

  • Works seamless with the ever-expanding Ecotech Ecosystem
  • Mobile app control
  • Programmable versatile functions
  • Durable
  • Controllable and precise water flow pattern
  • 3 modes of operations - Auto, Continuous, Manual
  • Silent

Expandable Up to 4 Pumps

The EcoTech Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump functions fantastically standalone. But if you have a large tank or need to set up specific dosing or water flow patterns, you can purchase the optional Base Station and dock up to four VX-1 pumps on the base.

Precision Control

Mobius is EcoTech's new equipment control app. Free for download from your favourite iOS or Android app store (available at the time of Versa public launch), Mobius turns your smart device into the control center for your EcoTech equipment.


Including safeguards, catch-up, and a myriad of other features: A defining characteristic of EcoTech equipment is the versatility and power of control offered to the aquarium hobbyist. A defining characteristic of Mobius is packaging all this capability in a way that makes programming and control intuitive, quick, and painless.


  • Heavy-Duty: Commercial-grade construction using durable ABS plastics and precision gearing make the Versa is built to last. Designed to handle long term continuous use applications, time between servicing is greatly extended with the use of laboratory-grade silicone tubing.
  • Flexible Installation: Available for individual use or as a four-pack including a Base Station. Up to four individual pumps can dock to each Base Station. The Base Station features a consolidated power supply and tactile indexing buttons.
  • Plenary Gear: The Versa's drive configuration is optimised for precision and longevity - two essential characteristics for a precise yet robust market-leading peristaltic pump.


The technical specifications of EcoTech Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump:

  • Length: 3.15 inch (80mm)
  • Width: 2.34 inch (59.4mm)
  • Height: 4.21 inch (106.9mm)
  • Power Consumption: 12W
  • Universal Input Range: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Peak Inrush Current: 1.3A
  • Dosing Volume: MIN 0.5ul a minute, MAX 300ml a minute
  • Connector included: Female PTC and Barbed Adapter

3 Modes of Operation

  • Auto Mode: Auto mode schedules dosing specific to what additive or solution is being dosed. This mode utilises standard dosing practices and known water parameter changes in a reef tank based on light cycle and biological activity. The Versa™ does not determine dosing volume, that requires testing and tuning. It will however, schedule dosing based on the salt or additive selected
  • Continuous ModeContinuous mode sets a dosing rate (volume/min) that runs when the pump is powered. Continuous mode is an always-operating dosing mode and needs to be controlled by external means (controller, timer, float switch, etc.).
  • Manual ModeManual Mode allows the user to create a program specifying dosing volumes and or durations. The Versa's variable operational capability allows volume dosing to be carried out a specified rate or over a specified time period. Up to 30 discrete dosing events can be created per pump in a 24hr period. The Catch-Up feature allows the Versa™ to correct a dosing difference if the pump is shut down or is interrupted during its daily program. Safe-guards help protects against some potential dosing issues.

Optional Versa Accessories

  • Polyurethane Tubing - Available in 25ft sections of four different colours.
  • Connectors - Push to connect connectors and elbows for use with polyurethane tubing.
  • Elbow Connectors - Four pack of replacement Elbow Connectors for use with Polyurethane tubing.
  • Base Station - Dock up to four VX-1 pumps.

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