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It could not have been easier to maintain a great aquarium, thanks to the complete ApexEL aquarium controller system from Neptune Systems.

The new Neptune Systems ApexEL is an entry-level controller as part of the Apex Controller family. At an affordable price, yet comes with loads of advanced features that lets you maintain your aquarium with ease.

The ApexEL monitors key parameters such as temperature, pH, and the status of your connected equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc). It ensures your aquarium parameters are in optimal range for fishes, corals and plants to flourish.

You can use ApexEL aquarium controller on any aquarium setup - marine, freshwater, planted, reef and even coral tanks.

The ApexEL aquarium controller shares almost all the features of the flagship Apex, except that the ApexEL does not have built-in ORP, salinity monitoring, or 0-10V ports, and has an affordable price tag.

Key Features

  • Prevents catastrophes by monitoring temperature and pH in your aquarium, taking corrective actions for you
  • Smart phone alerts when things go off track
  • Monitors your connected equipment ensuring pumps, chillers, etc are running
  • iPhone, iPad, or Android app
  • Works on PC or Mac using standard web browser
  • Tracks your manual test results, maintenance, livestock purchases, and tank observations
  • Helps you correlate issues in your aquarium to the things that are happening inside
  • Manages the full operation of equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc.)
  • Takes over the functions of cumbersome components such as light timers, heater controllers, pump controllers, etc.
  • Expandable with optional modules and probes
  • Monitor your aquarium from anywhere in the world.

Self Monitoring ApelEL

Every ApexEL has a built-in, completely functional, web server even when the internet is down. Your tank will continue to operate without interruption and can still be controlled from a mobile device.

** Note The EnergyBar 832 is for use in North America (USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico) and other locales where the electrical service grid provides 120VAC 60Hz power. In other regions which use 230VAC 50Hz power, APEXel systems are bundled with an EnergyBar 6 equipped with 6 outlets specific to that region (UK,, AU, Universal, or Schuko). EnergyBar 6 models do not include the EB832 per-outlet power monitoring, 1LINK or DC24 ports, or per-outlet indicator LEDs.


The ApexEL package comes with:

  • Apex Base Unit
  • pH Double Junction Lab Grade Probe
  • Temperature Probe
  • Calibration fluids: pH 7 & 10
  • Energy Bar 6 (UK 220v-240v)
  • AquaBus 6-feet Cable

Compatible Devices

The ApexEL package is compatible with:

  • Apex Fusion and other Apex modules and probes
  • Trident monitoring system
  • COR and WAV pumps

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